Duncan Goodhew's top five breastroke tips

Want to improve your performance in the pool? Here are Olympic legend Duncan Goodhew’s top tips for a better breaststroke

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To help you prepare, we spoke to Olympic swimming legend Duncan Goodhew to find out how to perfect your breaststroke.

1. Don’t pull your arms out too wide (45 degrees is enough) or take them back too far – imagine you’re scooping out a mixing bowl in front of your chest with your hands!

2. Hunch your shoulders up and in as you lunge forwards to reduce your drag in the water.

3. Think about creating a huge ‘snap’ of power at the end of your stroke as you bring your legs together and throw yourself forwards.

4. Make sure your big toes touch together as you create a ‘flick’ at the end of the leg kick.

5. Don’t let your knees drift down at the end of the stroke – this will create unnecessary drag – lift your ankles up towards your backside as you finish the stroke.

Duncan Goodhew is encouraging everyone to get behind Sport Relief by signing up to swim themselves proud at the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Swimathon on March 18-20. You can enter alone or in a team of up to 5 people, £12 for adults and £26 for a team. To find out more, visit