Body Beast DVD Workout with 2 Supplements – Deluxe Kit


Body Beast can help you pack on up to 20lbs. of lean muscle in 90 days
Deluxe Kit includes:
5 DVDs that include 15 workouts

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Body Beast is one of the first all-encompassing workout, performance diet and supplement systems, created to build a large, muscular physique as quickly as possible. When used properly, it’s capable of adding ten pounds of lean muscle in 90 days. Body Beast is built on the concept of Dynamic Set Training, a specific sequence of sets and reps which maximizes the muscle’s time under tension with the goal of exhausting the muscle and “recruiting” more muscle fiber. Dynamic Set Training is also designed to help enhance your body’s own testosterone production. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for developing muscle mass, so the more testosterone the body makes, the faster it grows.

Body Beast is a 90-day program, divided into three blocks:

  1. Build creates a strong physical and nutritional foundation (three weeks at six days on, one day off)
  2. Bulk continues your body’s growth and addition of muscle mass (six weeks at six days on, one day off)
  3. Beast defines the mass you’ve added (three weeks at six days on, one day off)

What’s In The Package?

The Deluxe kit includes 15 workouts on 5 DVDs, the “Book of the Beast” and 2 supplements – Hardcore Base Shake & Fuel Shot.

The Workouts

  1. Build: Chest/Tris – 49:04
  2. Build: Shoulders – 38:55
  3. Build: Legs – 38:35
  4. Build: Back/Bis – 50:41
  5. Bulk: Chest – 30:49
  6. Bulk: Legs – 40:03
  7. Bulk: Back – 29:49
  8. Bulk: Shoulders – 35:56
  9. Bulk: Arms – 36:17
  10. Beast: Cardio – 30:49
  11. Beast: Total Body – 39:11
  12. Beast: Abs – 11:08
  13. Tempo Workouts: Three additional workouts on a single DVD.

Included Supplements

  • Hardcore Base Shake: This Base Shake was formulated to help maximize new muscle growth and simultaneously reduce muscle breakdown, in order to boost results, naturally and safely.* The proprietary blend provides 18 grams of fast- and slow-digesting proteins to help speed results and also contains digestive enzymes to enhance protein utilization and reduce gas and bloating. Its flavor-neutral base lets you make your shake just the way you like it, as well.*
  • Fuel Shot: Consuming this energy drink before, during, or after a workout helps maximize performance. The dextrose- and maltodextrin-based energy drink drives nutrients into muscle fiber for greater strength during workouts and helps replenish the glycogen and electrolytes lost after workouts.

Suggested Equipment

  • Curl bar, dumbbells, or resistance bands
  • Flat-incline bench or stability ball
  • Chin-up bar or resistance bands with door attachment
  • Chin-up Max and Jumpmat (optional)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

Body Beast can help you pack on up to 20lbs. of lean muscle in 90 days
Deluxe Kit includes:
5 DVDs that include 15 workouts
The “Book of the Beast” – Workout, Nutrition and Supplement Guide & Training Schedule

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